What is a motor blowerA motor blower is what turns the fan in your HVAC system, circulating air through your home. It works with both your furnace and air conditioner. It warms air by blowing it across the burners in the combustion chamber and cools the air by blowing it across the evaporator coils in your air conditioner. Without a motor blower, it would be impossible to raise or lower the temperature in your home.

Motor Blowers: Single Speed vs. Variable Speed

There are two types of motor blowers: single-speed and variable speed. Both activate when the thermostat detects the temperature rising or falling. But single speed blowers can only run at full blast.

Variable speed blowers, on the other hand, can adjust their output. They run fast when temperatures need to be raised or lowered quickly, but slow down when only minor adjustments are needed. As a result, variable speed blowers are generally quieter, more efficient, and better at controlling airflow.

They’re not only better at reducing hot and cold spots in your home, but they also save money as well. At lower speeds, blowers consume significantly less energy and, as a result, provide greater climate control with fewer costs.

Signs Your Motor Blower Needs Repair

If your furnace or air conditioner runs continuously without a noticeable temperature change, your motor blower may be the problem. Check the vents. If the airflow is weak, call a technician to take a look at it.

Common problems include clogged filters, jammed motors, stretched or broken fan belts, and worn-out capacitors, which prevent the unit from getting enough power. On the other hand, if you hear grinding or screeching, the ball bearings have probably come loose, increasing friction inside the motor.

Because preventing problems is cheaper than fixing them, schedule a visit with an HVAC technician at least once a year. Besides clearing out dust and debris, they’ll also replace the filter, lubricate the motor, check the belt for wear and tear, tighten the ball bearings, and ensure the unit has a stable power supply. With regular maintenance, a motor blower can last for years without any issues.

What is a Motor Blower Protection Plan?

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