A Homesential home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of repairing or replacing parts in your home’s heating, cooling, or electrical systems.

Once you’ve built a bundle that suits your needs, you pay a monthly or annual premium, similar to your home insurance policy. If a problem occurs in a covered system, contact us through our website or by phone.

Our service team will schedule an appointment with a local technician partner. After they have diagnosed the problem, they will repair the covered components. We pay the technician directly, so you don’t need to worry about being reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

Once the job has been completed, we’ll follow up to ensure the system is working properly and you’re happy with the service you received.

Our plans cover your heating systems (furnace, hydronic heaters, steam boilers), cooling systems (central air conditioners up to 60,000 BTU and/or ductless split A/C systems over 18,000 BTU and up to 60,000 BTU) , and internal electrical system (rated at or below 400 Amps) including thermostats, circuit breakers, electrical panels, light switches, doorbells, dimmers, and outlets. Each system is covered separately, but you can bundle them together to save even more.

Home insurance covers you in the event of disaster, accident, or theft. It does not cover wear and tear, the most common reason why home systems break down. On the other hand, a home warranty protects you in the case of unexpected maintenance. If a system malfunctions, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover repairs, while a home warranty will.

Not only can home repairs be extremely expensive, but finding a reputable contractor to diagnose and repair the problem can be even more stressful. For instance, replacing the ignitor on a heating unit can cost $300. A new flame sensor can cost $250, while a circuit board can cost up to $350. To replace a condensate drain pump on an A/C unit, you might spend $240-$450. To repair a refrigerant leak, you might spend $200-$1,500. The average cost to replace an electrical panel is $850-$2,500. Not every part is so expensive, however. A single pole electrical switch costs under $100, but finding an electrician for a job that small can be a headache.

Without a home warranty, those costs fall on you. But with Homesential, you don’t have to worry about these types of repair costs or finding a reputable technician. In fact, you can cover your heating, cooling and electrical systems for the same price as a cup of coffee every day.

Once you’ve filed a claim, our service team will schedule an appointment with a technician within 24-48 hours. Most repairs can be completed in a single visit.

Your warranty activates once your first payment has been received, so any breakdowns that happen from that point are immediately covered. The contract lasts for 12 months, but can be renewed or expanded in order to meet your needs.

No. Customers are not required to undergo a home inspection before purchasing a warranty. However, our warranty will not cover any pre-existing issues with your home.

Yes. Unlike most other home warranty companies, Homesential will replace the coolant in your air conditioner if it springs a leak.