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A HomesentialTM home warranty makes it easy to schedule, repair and protect your home’s heating, cooling and electrical systems.

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What is a HomesentialTM Warranty?

A home warranty is a contract that shields homeowners from unexpected repair costs. While homeowners insurance covers you in case of disaster, accident, or theft, a home warranty covers ordinary wear and tear. If a system breaks down or isn’t working as expected, our service team will send a technician out to diagnose and repair the issue. You only pay your monthly or annual premium, there is never a cost for the diagnostic visit or cover repairs provided you are under your annual coverage cap.

What Do We Cover?

HomesentialTM protects essential home systems, such as furnaces, air conditioning, and internal wiring. Without a warranty, the cost to repair these systems could run into the thousands. Hiring a HVAC service tech to diagnose the problem can cost over $100. Each part that needs to be repaired or replaced can cost $300 - $900 on top of that.

HomesentialTM warranties cover each of your heating, cooling, or electrical systems for less than a dollar a day. Rather than pay out of pocket, you’re insulated from sudden and unexpected costs. We take care of the service fees and replacement parts. You enjoy convenience and peace of mind.

Why Choose HomesentialTM

  • Bundled Protection: Design the right bundle to cover your home’s essential systems. The more systems you cover, the bigger discount you receive on your premium, plus the coverage limits combine across all plans. So you get more and pay less!
  • No Service Fee: Other home warranty companies can charge up to $150 for each visit, but not us. When we send a technician to diagnose the problem, you don’t pay a dime!
  • No Deductible: Our coverage kicks in from the first penny. Other companies don’t start paying until repair costs reach $500. Some even force you to pay the contractor in full and wait to be reimbursed.

HomesentialTM offers complete, year-round protection for your heating, cooling, and electrical systems. With skilled technicians and expert support, you can rest easy, knowing you’re protected even in the event of a sudden breakdown.
There is no charge for after-hour, emergency calls*.
We are here when you need us, day and night – 24/7.
*Calls are determined to be emergencies on a case by case basis and at our discretion.

How It Works

Report Your Problem.

Call or file a claim online as soon as you notice the problem. Our team is standing by 24 hours a day for emergency services.

Schedule an Appointment.

No more scrambling to find a qualified repairman. We send a skilled technician to your home as quickly as possible.

Repair or Replace.

The technician diagnoses the problem & repairs or replaces the malfunctioning parts. We pay the cost of the covered items.

HomesentialTM only partners with highly trained technicians for home repairs. Most problems are fixed in a single visit. However, in some cases, an additional appointment may be required.

Customer Reviews

Bundle and Save!

Combining plans provides the customized protection you need to keep your home running smoothly. When you bundle our products you get comprehensive coverage at a discounted cost and combined coverage cap, giving you the most protection for your money. Don’t leave yourself or your family vulnerable to sudden outages. Make sure you’re always protected.