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The HomesentialTM Affiliate Program is reserved for repair specialists who believe in delivering 5-star service to customers, as well as realtors interested in providing low-cost, high grade protection to their clients.

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Real Estate Agents

Real estate professionals who join our network can offer their clients a discount code on HomesentialTM coverage plans. Additionally, if your client takes advantage of the offer code and enrolls with HomesentialTM, you can choose a closing gift from our catalog based on the package the client selected. These gifts include items such as a Sherpa lined blanket, a personalized butcher block cutting board, an engraved decanter and glass set, and more.

With HomesentialTM coverage the customer has no out-of-pocket expenses on covered repairs, which is reassuring when purchasing a home with older equipment.

Partnering with HomesentialTM allows you to offer a wider range of benefits to clients while being confident that you are recommending a company that puts customer satisfaction as the top priority.


Contractors who are accepted into our network are paid directly by HomesentialTM. The customer has no out-of-pocket expenses on covered repairs, so you never have to worry about compromising on covered repairs due to customers' budget constraints.

Partnering with HomesentialTM allows contractors to expand their customer base without additional marketing costs.

Apply today to join the HomesentialTM contractor network by clicking the button below, filling out the form and submitting your information.

Sales Agents

Sales Agents who partner with us will be able to provide their clients with a discount code for our services. They earn a sales commission at the time of sale and are also eligible to receive evergreen commissions as long as those clients remain HomesentialTM customers.

For each coverage a Sales Agents sells, they earn a $25 sales commission. If the customer maintains their coverage, the Sales Agent earns an evergreen commission beginning in year two of service. That commission starts at 5% and can go as high as 15% based on how much revenue the Agent is responsible for generating.

Apply to get your unique discount code, sell some HomesentialTM plans and start earning today.

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