Home Warranty Service for Furnaces & Heating Equipment

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Why Choose HomesentialTM For Your Furnaces & Heating Equipment Needs?

HomesentialTM is a leading provider of home warranty services in New Jersey. We stand apart from the competition, providing customers with outstanding service and best in class offers, such as bundled coverage on your heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems.

As proud subsidiary of Suburban Propane, we’re committed to the highest level of service, making sure our customers receive dependable, reliable, and expert home repair. Our team of expertly trained technicians is ready to assist whenever anything goes wrong.

Repairing a central air conditioner without a warranty can cost as much as $1000. Simply recharging your coolant can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Many standard home warranties do not cover natural wear & tear to essential household systems such as Cooling, Heating, & Internal Wiring.

These days, it's harder than ever to find reputable service techs. The time it takes to schedule a repair for your home’s critical systems can be weeks.

What Parts Are Covered By Our Home Warranty Furnaces & Heating Program?

The program covers the following parts for the primary heating system in the home on furnaces, hydronic & steam boilers up to 200,000 BTU.


Altitude & Pressure Gauge

Blower Motor

Blower Relay

Burner Fan

Burner Motor

Burner Switch

Circulator Bearing Assembly

Circulator Coupling

Circulator Motor

Circulator Relay

Draft Regulator

Electrical Wiring (connected with unit)

Electronic Ignition

Expansion Tank

Expansion Valve

Fan Belts

Fan Center

Fan Motor

Fan Motor Pulley

Fan Pulley

Fan Shaft & Bearings

Flame Rods or Flame Sensor

Flame Spreader

Gas Valve

High Limit Control

Hot Water Circulator (limit 1)

Hot Water Circulator Control

Ignition Cable

Inducer Fan

Low Limit Control

Low Water Cutoff


Piezo Ignition

Pressure Reducing Valve (water)


Primary Operating Control

Relief Valve

Running Capacitor

Sail Switch

Solenoid Valve

Standing Pilot

Starting Capacitor

Starting Relay


Thermostat (standard)

Time Delay Relay


Warm Air Fan Control

Warm Air Limit Control

Program does not include gas stove or fireplaces, heat pumps, commercial equipment; such as outdoor roof top package or ground platform units providing heating over 100,000 BTU, or fan coil blower units that have a copper hydronic & steam heating coil element or elements. Exclusions include, but are not limited to: Humidifiers, flue devices, electronic air cleaners, heat distributing units (radiators, baseboard radiation, piping, duct work, etc.), boiler and jacket on hot water units or heat exchangers and jacket on warm air units, combustion chamber and chimney, water heater tank, domestic hot water coil and tempering valves, flow control valve, and motorized zone dampers. Program does not include water leaks, water damage, or damage caused by excessive dampness. Program does not include furnace/boiler replacement. Program does not include cleaning or annual tune-ups, filters or pre-existing conditions (a pre-existing condition is a condition that exists prior to the Effective Date of the contract).

Our Included Features

Breakdowns happen. But with a home warranty, you’re protected from the cost and anxiety that come with them. They help defray the cost of home ownership, helping you manage your finances and keep your home running smoothly at the same time. By signing on, you receive:

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

Bundled Coverage for Better Savings

No Deductibles or Service Fees

Peace of mind

What Our Customers Our Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

A home warranty is a service agreement that covers the cost to repair or replace essential components in your home’s heating, cooling, and electrical systems.

Home insurance only covers you in the case of theft, accident, or disaster. It does not cover damage from wear and tear. When a malfunction occurs, only a home warranty will protect you from paying out-of-pocket to have it fixed.

You’re covered as soon as your first payment is received. Homesential warranties last for 12 months, but can be renewed at the end of each cycle. Additional coverage can be added at any time.

Homesential warranties do not cover pre-existing issues, or problems caused by improper maintenance or installation. However, as long as your systems are working when you sign on, they will be covered.