how to clean gutters from the groundClean gutters direct water away from your home, so it can’t damage your foundation or seep into your attic and crawl space. However, gutters rarely stay clean for very long. If they’re not cleaned regularly, they can quickly become clogged with leaves, twigs, and dirt.

Many homeowners let the problem fester because they’re hesitant to climb up a ladder to clear debris by hand. While it’s much safer to stay on the ground, most homeowners can’t think of any other way except climbing onto the roof. Fortunately, there are safer ways to unclog your gutters. Here are four ways to clean gutters from the ground.

Garden Hose

Washing your gutters out with a hose is simple. Start at one end and work your way down until all the loose material in your gutter is washed out the spout. Attachments are available at your local hardware store that will let your hose reach the gutters on a one or two-story house. The only downside is that cleaning your gutters this way generally takes a little longer, because you don’t have a clear view from the ground.

Power Washer

An ordinary hose might not be powerful enough to clear gutters packed tight with dirt and leaves. For tough clogs, you’ll need a power washer with an extension capable of reaching the top of your house.

Keep in mind that power washers tend to throw out a lot of debris. Once your gutters are clear, your house will likely be splattered with mud you’ll need to wash off. The amount of spray power washers give off can also pose a risk to people standing below. Flying debris can hurt your eyes, so before you start, buy a pair of goggles to keep them safe.

Leaf Blower

If you already own a leaf blower, simply buy a curved extension that lets you reach your gutters. Then you’ll be able to blast them clear in a matter of minutes. The one drawback is that leaf blowers also tend to throw out a lot of debris. Wear goggles to protect your eyes and be prepared to rake up a lot of loose material once you’re done.

Shop Vac

A shop vac is a great way to clean your gutters without sending debris flying everywhere. Again, extensions are available that will let the vacuum reach the gutters on the first or second story of your house. Turn it on and run it down the length of your gutters to suck up the debris inside.

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