Home construction is a rapidly changing industry. Americans are seeking comfort, but are also looking for ways to save money by incorporating new technology and building techniques into their homes. Here are five home construction trends that will help shape the market over the next few years. 

Sustainable Construction

Home Construction Trends

People love green homes. Not only do they benefit the environment, but they also reduce the cost of home ownership as well. Green homes consume less water and electricity. They also require less maintenance and can improve your quality of life, not to mention health. Features of sustainable home construction include:

  • Reclaimed Lumber. Besides reducing waste, recycled wood is stronger and more durable than fresh-cut timber. It’s also weathered, which provides a unique and striking appearance.
  • Solar Panels. Renewable energy can lower a home’s carbon footprint and minimize energy costs.
  • Cool Roofing. Cool roofs reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, which decreases ambient temperatures inside the house.
  • Insulated Concrete Forms. Sturdy and long-lasting, these blocks create airtight seals that keep the elements from leaking in.
  • Tankless Water Heaters. Small, compact, and efficient, tankless heaters use thermal optic sensors to create warm water on demand, with virtually no waste.
  • Smart Thermostats. Allows homeowners to set automatic heating and cooling schedules. They also adapt to the owner’s behavior to avoid wasting energy on empty rooms.
  • Low Flow Fixtures. High-velocity faucets and showerheads create a stronger water flow that cleans effectively while using less water.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) last forty times longer than standard bulbs but use less than a quarter of the electricity.
  • Eco Paints. These are an oil-based mixture of plasticizers, adhesives, hardeners, pigments, and drying accelerants. Though their chemical composition is complex, they contain no toxic compounds that could harm the environment or the homeowner.

Natural Design

Home Construction TrendsHomeowners are learning to embrace nature. As a result, architects are incorporating outdoor features into their designs. Hallmarks include:

  • Sunlight. Natural lighting is becoming more common through the use of skylights, glass doors, and multiple window banks.
  • Plants. Green spaces increase feelings of relaxation and well-being, so flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass are becoming part of both indoor and outdoor settings. 
  • Direct Ventilation. Windows, sliding doors, and folding walls allow fresh air to circulate through the home.
  • Locally Sourced Building Materials. Exposed wood, stone, and brick help homes feel like a part of the landscape.

Natural design, also referred to as biophilic design, is not only aesthetically pleasing; it has psychological benefits as well. It creates a close connection to nature which is linked to reduced stress, anxiety, and blood pressure while increasing productivity.

Livable Outdoor Spaces

Home Construction TrendsAs the outdoors move indoors, the indoors are moving outdoors. Patios are being designed like living rooms. Instead of a simple concrete or brick stoop, buyers are looking for covered terraces with fireplaces, televisions, and fridges. Rather than a simple grill, BBQs are increasingly built-in, with cupboards, cabinets, and counters for storage and prep. It’s a place to cook, relax, and socialize.

Multi-Purpose Kitchens

Home Construction TrendsGiven the importance of food and drink in daily life, it’s not a surprise kitchens are the central hub in most homes. However, thanks to the growing popularity of kitchen islands, they’ve become an even larger focal point. 

In addition to counter and storage areas, islands also provide room for guests to sit and socialize. Appliances, such as wine fridges, can be installed, so guests and family members can access refreshments without crossing through any of the cooking areas, transforming the kitchen into a space to talk, entertain, and prepare food.

Smart Homes

Home Construction TrendsWith the world becoming increasingly connected, buyers want homes that provide total control 24 hours a day. This includes lighting, window treatments, temperature, entertainment, and electrical appliances. 

They want to be alerted when someone’s at the door or when a package has been left. And they want to be able to monitor their homes remotely, whether they’re out at work or out of town. It’s both convenient and efficient. Owners can adjust their home systems as needed  to avoid waste and ensure comfort.  

In some cases, they might even get more from their appliances. Smart TVs can suggest new programs. Smart ovens can suggest new settings. They can even track consumption habits, so owners know exactly how they’re spending their time and energy and where improvements can be made. 

Whether you’re looking for a new home or looking to renovate an old one, these home construction trends are sure to be popular in 2022 and for years to come.