does home warranty cover hvacFew systems are subject to more wear and tear than your HVAC system. It runs constantly for most of the year, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. While most furnaces and air conditioners last years, the constant strain will inevitably cause them to break down, even if well maintained. Repairs can be costly, which is why one of homeowners’ most frequently asked questions is: “Does my home warranty cover HVAC systems?”

Home Warranties Cover HVAC

Home warranties are built around the needs of homeowners. Each homeowner is unique, with unique concerns. If they live in a northern climate, they may require a strong central heating system but no air conditioner. If they live in a southern climate, they may require strong central air conditioning but not a furnace.

Because they play such a vital role in your health and comfort, practically every home warranty company offers plans that protect your HVAC systems. However, not every plan covers them entirely. There are plans that cover furnaces, plans that cover air conditioners, and plans that cover both. Homeowners are free to choose the one that suits them best.

What’s Covered Under Your Warranty

Home warranties protect you from damage caused by everyday wear and tear. They do not protect you from water damage, fire damage, or natural disasters. Those are covered by your home insurance. A home warranty will only cover you if your systems break down during the course of their normal function.

Home warranty plans also do not cover ancillary equipment such as ventilation ducts, air filters, and humidifiers. Some companies will cover them, but only for a price. They may also exclude certain types of heaters and coolers. Space heaters and portable air conditioners, for instance, are not covered by home warranties. Heat pumps and split AC systems may not be either.

Instead, most home warranty plans focus on the core elements of your HVAC system: the compressor, heat exchanger, blower fan, thermostat, refrigerant, gas valve, circuit boards, etc. Components your systems not only rely upon, but are expensive to repair. However, no warranty plan will cover them if they haven’t been properly installed or maintained, another reason you should always hire licensed professionals to work on your home.

How Homesential Protects Your HVAC System

Homesential covers the systems you rely on most. Furnaces and air conditioners are fully covered under our low rates. You can even save money by bundling coverage. Under our combined plan, protecting your whole HVAC system costs less than covering each individual component.

What’s more, unlike other home warranty companies, Homesential has no waiting period. You’re protected the moment you sign up. There are no service fees or deductibles either. Only a low monthly premium ‒ less than what you pay each day for a cup of coffee. And when a problem occurs, our service team is standing by to help. We maintain an extensive network of local contractors, expert technicians who can be at your home in as little as 24 hours, ready to diagnose and repair the problem. Shop for coverage today!