1 Year Home WarrantyHome warranties protect you from problems your home insurance doesn’t cover. When your heating, cooling, and electrical systems break down, home insurance won’t foot the bill, but a home warranty will. While most homeowners prefer long-term warranty coverage, people selling or buying a house may benefit from a 1 year home warranty instead.

How a 1 Year Home Warranty Helps Sellers

Just because your house is on the market doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for what’s inside. If a problem occurs with the heating, cooling, or electrical systems, it’s up to you to pay for repairs. Depending on the problem, costs could run from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It would be an enormous burden for most homeowners, but for sellers, it can be devastating. Adding the cost of home repairs to two mortgages can wipe out their savings at a time when their budget is strained almost to breaking point.

Under these circumstances, a 1 year home warranty is an essential safeguard. It not only protects you from unexpected expenses, it also expedites repairs. Purchasing a home warranty connects you to a network of technicians and contractors. Rather than waste time searching for a qualified repairman, your home warranty team will connect you to one, often in less than a day. Remember, the faster work starts, the sooner the sale can close.

How a 1-Year Warranty Helps Home Buyers

In most cases, buying a home raises your net worth, but lowers your cash reserves. Between moving and closing costs, buyers are normally on a tight budget. Repairing a breakdown can put a serious strain on their finances, often plunging them into debt. But home warranties minimize payments, ensuring their systems are fixed quickly without serious costs.

Protect Your House with Homesential

Whether you’re buying or selling, purchasing a1-year HomesentialTM warranty for your heating system, cooling system, and electrical system protects your house and your budget. Unlike other home warranty companies, we don’t charge service fees or deductibles. Just a low, monthly premium ‒ less than what you spend each day on a cup of coffee. Don’t let breakdowns disrupt your finances. Shop coverage today!